“a fresh perspective”

These are the words being used by many who are running against incumbents for school boards across the nation. What does a “fresh perspective” mean. Perspective by definition is a particular way of thinking about something, especially one that is influenced by your beliefs or experiences. When the word “fresh” is added: this indicates that […]

Why Boardsmanship Matters

Simply because School Boards directly impact student success. Research from a 15 year study shows that School Boards do impact student achievement. School boards have many responsibilities, including approving budgets, constructing and maintaining facilities, hiring a superintendent, and ensuring the safety and security of students. One of the most important responsibilities is student achievement and […]

“It is time to restore civility to our schools and our communities and find a way to move forward, together.”

As 1 of 1477 members of WSSDA, I fully support this statement. I hope as we all move through these trying times that we can remember to be civil and respectful of each other. The Washington Association of School Administrators (WASA) and the Washington State School Directors’ Association (WSSDA) released the following statement today in […]

Hail to School Bus Drivers!

School bus drivers in the Riverview School District are amazing! At the November 14 School Board meeting Sabrina Warren, Transportation Supervisor, recognized the work of three amazing ladies, Kim Sheldon, Corrina Marty and Trish Scott who have supported our students for a total of 55 years of driving!!!!! School bus drivers are often the first […]

Today is the Day! Election Day

Today is the day! Election Day! Thank you to all who have supported me during this campaign. A big thanks to Carol Van Noy my campaign manager and Jodi Fletcher for their stealth sign wrangling. Also thank you to Danny Edwards and Sabrina Parnell fellow board members. And of course one always has to thank […]

Teachers I appreciate you!

Today I had the opportunity to participate in an integrative teacher professional development workshop on reading. Back in my day (when I taught second grade) all of our professional development was completed outside of the classroom. This workshop combined both, time with the trainer, preparing for the lesson, and then time in the classroom practicing […]

Supporters and Trick or Treating

Last night, All Hallow’s Eve was an epic night. First Halloween in over a decade with no RAIN!!!! I went as a politician, sorta as a joke, sorta as a last minute costume. As a politician (which I still find difficult embracing the term) you don’t always know all of your supporters. Early in the […]

Beyond Academic Achievement

The Riverview School District employees and students continue to amaze me, not only in academic achievement, also our staff and students are recognized in many programs including the arts, activities, and athletics. Here are just a few examples of achievement in the past few years: Cedarcrest FFA Named Outstanding Ag Program of the Year Cedarcrest and Tolt […]

Did you Know? The Riverview Schools consistently exceeds learning standards

The Riverview School District consistently exceeds Washington State’s learning standards. The district is recognized yearly for our academic achievements as well as many other outstanding achievements in many programs including the arts, activities, and athletics. I am proud of our staff and students and these amazing achievements. The Office of Public Instruction awards the Washington State Achievement Awards […]

Endorsements PSE and ERW

I am very excited to receive endorsements from two groups this week. One very important endorsement is from the Riverview PSE who we work closely with on collective bargaining agreements for our classified staff members. These people are the bedrock of our district and make sure our students get to school safely, eat amazing meals […]

Sally Coomer – Bridge Builder Award

What can I say about Sally Coomer? What can I NOT say about Sally Coomer? She is an amazing friend and an amazing person. One of the great honors bestowed upon a school board director is the opportunity to present our community members with awards. We present a couple of awards to community members: Community Service […]

We are growing!!!! In leaps and bounds

For the first time in many years the Riverview School District is experiencing significant growth. Yes, we have been growing steadily over the years; however with new home projections rising in both Duvall and Carnation the district is monitoring what this means for us very closely. The district posts the six year and 20 year […]

WSSDA liaison to the WIAA Executive Board

The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association, governs athletics and activities for our students. As school board directors we are members of the Washington State School Directors Association (WSSDA) and I was elected by the WSSDA District 2 group to represent the school directors as a member of the Interscholastic Activities Committee (IAC). The president of the WSSDA […]

Milepost Moments from Kindergarten to TMS Moving

Today ends the milepost moments at Riverview School District for the month of June; they started this morning at Stillwater Elementary with Kindergarten graduation and are end capping this evening with the 8th Grade Tolt Moving up ceremony. In addition to these last mileposts, last weeks key milepost moments were all the 5th graders graduating and moving […]

Josh Siegel – student rep 2007-2009

Consistent. Inspired. Passion. That’s how to describe Lori Oviatt. As a former Student Representative of the Riverview School District #407 serving from 2007-2009, I had the personal opportunity to listen, watch and learn from Lori in action for over two years at our bi-weekly district meetings and offsite legislative conferences and events. Focused on the […]

Leah Cole – Former Student Rep 2006-2008

I had the pleasure of serving as a School Board student representative for two years (2006-2008) with Lori. At that time, the student representative position was still new to the district and Lori immediately made me feel included as a valuable member of the board. Lori always greeted me with a smile. She was one of the first people to explain concepts […]

Riverview School District Alternative Programs

Last night I, along with Danny Edwards (fellow board member) had the privilege to hand out 24 diplomas to the students in our CLIP and PARADE programs. The students are amazing individuals who needed different educational choices. Riverview School District is an amazing district with many choices for our students. The Riverview Learning Center (RLC) facility […]

June is an emotional month for board directors

June is one of those months that pulls at the heart strings of many board directors. There are smiles, tears, hugs and good byes to be said as we attend staff retirements, award ceremonies, graduations from Kindergarten to High School, moving up ceremonies, booknic reading, fundraising events, town parades, did I mention graduations? Also regular […]

Pascal Nagata – 2016-17 Student Rep

Lori Oviatt is an exceptional member of the Riverview School Board, serving as a role model and a guide for me throughout my position as Student Representative to the Riverview School District. Her contributions to this district throughout her years of service prove she is overly qualified for this position and have manifested itself in her being […]

Why run a school board campaign?

As noted in the “Who can vote for board members?” blog post there are five districts represented on Riverview School Board of directors. The board members serve four year terms. In 2015 three members terms expired and this year two members expire: District 1 and District 5. There is a short window of time (May 15-19) […]

Who can vote for Riverview School Directors?

Can I vote for you? This is a question I frequently receive when I tell someone that I am running for re-election to the Riverview School District (RSD). The short answer is YES! Absolutely! As long as you are a registered voter! The long answer is that RSD spans approximately 250 square miles, encompasses the […]