Carol Van Noy – President Riverview School Board

Lori is an outstanding member of the Riverview School Board and has been so since she became a board member 11 years ago. Her experience as a former teacher, curriculum and learning consultant helps the board and district with new filters (new eyes) to improve teaching and learning in Riverview.  Lori believes in meeting the needs of all students.  She has very high expectations for Riverview’s administration, staff and students. During Lori’s tenure – Riverview became an award winning district with international, state and local recognition. Also the Riverview Board is the 2016 Washington State board of the year.

Three of Lori’s greatest contributions as a Board Member to the Riverview District are:

  • Technology – Teaching and Learning: Her expertise and commitment to technology as a teaching and learning tool.  Lori has represented the board on the Technology Committee and her expertise as a technology worker has had profound positive effects on how we view online tools in both teaching and learning.  She has been instrumental in the 1:1 initiative and Bring Your Own Device plans.
  • Community and Communications:  Lori is continually pushing the board and administration to have more community involvement, more opportunities to listen to the Riverview constituents. It is one of her priorities that the board continue to improve in community outreach and open, transparent communication.
  • Ambassador Program. Lori is the founder of the Riverview Ambassador Program with the goal of emerging community members more deeply in the work of the board and school district.  The five sessions focus on Board and Superintendent, Operations, Transportation and facilities,  Special programs and Technology.  The program is highly regarded and participation continues to increase.  Riverview Board and Superintendent have presented at the WSSDA conference in 2016 on the program.

Lori is a leader who listens and works to implement well thought out ideas to support students.  She is a visionary and has been leading the board on discussion of the classroom of the future, individualized learning and athletics. Students and the Riverview School District will continue to flourish with her on the board.

I support Lori Oviatt for Re-Election to the Riverview School Board!

~carol van noy
president Riverview School District Board of Directors


About the author: Lori

Lori Oviatt has served on the Riverview School Board of Directors since 2006, she lives on an acreage in the wild woods near Lake Joy and loves to serve in the public school system. She is a Learning Solutions Provider for many corporations and non-profits around the globe. She loves to talk education and learning!