Who can vote for Riverview School Directors?

Can I vote for you? This is a question I frequently receive when I tell someone that I am running for re-election to the Riverview School District (RSD). The short answer is YES! Absolutely! As long as you are a registered voter! The long answer is that RSD spans approximately 250 square miles, encompasses the communities of Carnation, Duvall, and surrounding areas of eastern King County and serves more than 3,200 students. There are five Board of Directors who reside on the Riverview School District Board and each reside in one of five districts. The five district boundaries are created based on population in order to make sure that all areas of the district are covered with equal representation. In order to run for board of directors you have to know which district you reside in. For example, I live in District 1 which is the yellow area in the boundaries map. Bottom line – everyone who is a registered voter and resides within the Riverview School District gets to vote on all open school district director positions. So make sure you are registered and Vote on November 7, 2017.


About the author: Lori

Lori Oviatt has served on the Riverview School Board of Directors since 2006, she lives on an acreage in the wild woods near Lake Joy and loves to serve in the public school system. She is a Learning Solutions Provider for many corporations and non-profits around the globe. She loves to talk education and learning!