Opportunity to mentor youth through the Snoqualmie Valley Community Network

Youth Success! Mentoring program seeks volunteers. Many of us had a teacher, a coach, or a neighbor who was a mentor to us by being positive and supportive. They made a difference in our lives. Our students need someone like that– Someone who cares about them and makes them feel like they matter. Our students need someone who sincerely wants to spend time with them and get to know them, someone who will listen and take a genuine interest in them.   YOU could be that someone for a student! Mentoring is an opportunity for you to learn about our youth and what is important to them. It is a way to understand the challenges they face and help them find solutions. It is a chance to become connected to our community. Mentoring a student can open your mind and will open your heart. You will be changed by this relationship. Become a Mentor in our program! We are currently seeking mentors for students in grades K-4. All it takes is a commitment to meet with a student for one hour, once a week throughout the school year. Make a new friend and have fun!

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About the author: Lori

Lori Oviatt has served on the Riverview School Board of Directors since 2006, she lives on an acreage in the wild woods near Lake Joy and loves to serve in the public school system. She is a Learning Solutions Provider for many corporations and non-profits around the globe. She loves to talk education and learning!