Josh Siegel – student rep 2007-2009

Consistent. Inspired. Passion. That’s how to describe Lori Oviatt.

As a former Student Representative of the Riverview School District #407 serving from 2007-2009, I had the personal opportunity to listen, watch and learn from Lori in action for over two years at our bi-weekly district meetings and offsite legislative conferences and events.

Focused on the long-term success of each student at Riverview, Lori recognizes and understands that each student is unique and learns in different ways. And that they want to learn about different things. For some students – it’s chemistry and the sciences; for others – the fine arts. Sports medicine. Business processes. Mathematical equations. Both Lori and I share a passion – technology.

Lori recognized early on my desire to learn about higher technology – in business and in the classroom. Through ConnectedEDU, a small extracurricular Club at Cedarcrest High School, I had the unique opportunity to learn, study, and demonstrate to senior Microsoft leaders a student’s perception of Microsoft and the pivotal role they played for organizations, individuals, school districts…the world. Lori supported that passion of mine. She encouraged it. She wanted me and the other 11 students in the class to excel at it.

I encourage you to learn more about Lori’s other passions and see first hand the direct impact she has had – individually and collective – on other proud students in our community. It didn’t matter what passion of mine I was pursing. As a student, Lori wanted me to learn. Grow. Develop. Seek new experiences. Encourage others. She enabled me with the learning experiences I wanted that have shaped who I am and what I do today (building digital engagement platforms for public sector and higher education institutions).

As an active community leader, trusted current board member, technology-first learner, Lori is uniquely positioned to continue to provide advice, guidance, and direction to Riverview to enable our students with a common goal: learn.

When a school district finds someone like Lori – a uniquely inspired individual with a consistent track record of genuine care for students and their future – it’s without hesitation I fully support and endorse her campaign for re-election to District 1. Riverview is incredibly lucky to have Lori and I look forward to her continuing to shape and guide current and future student journeys in the community.

 Josh Siegel
Former Riverview Student Representative, 2007-2009
Digital Senior Management Consultant, Public Sector & Higher Education, 2013 – 2017


About the author: Lori

Lori Oviatt has served on the Riverview School Board of Directors since 2006, she lives on an acreage in the wild woods near Lake Joy and loves to serve in the public school system. She is a Learning Solutions Provider for many corporations and non-profits around the globe. She loves to talk education and learning!