At the Heart of Educational Passion – Graduation

Graduation season is upon us and this is why I do what I do. The unpaid hours, the commitment to events and activities, time spent in the classroom, the advocacy with legislatures and the many nights laying awake wondering how to make a difference all comes down to this: Graduation! The Class of 2017 graduated on 6.16.17 and they did it in style just like you would expect, great speeches, selfies, song, dance, lots of hand gestures (in a good way) and the best part is when a board member gets to hand her son/daughter their diploma (Way to go Sabrina and Alex!). I had the honor and privilege of handing the High School diploma to three of my children and it is a moment in time I will never forget. Congratulations CHS Class of 2017!


About the author: Lori

Lori Oviatt has served on the Riverview School Board of Directors since 2006, she lives on an acreage in the wild woods near Lake Joy and loves to serve in the public school system. She is a Learning Solutions Provider for many corporations and non-profits around the globe. She loves to talk education and learning!