I am proud to be part of an amazing five-member board who has helped move this district from a stopping place to a destination district. Through these key areas we continue to “push the flywheel”.

Strategic Planning Process helps to keep the school district focused and move toward the vision: To become a national model of educational excellence. The Riverview School District (RSD) Strategic Plan is a living document reviewed monthly by the Board of Directors. I have been involved in the RSD Strategic plan since its inception and helped to create the state’s shortest mission statement: Educate Children.

Fiscal Responsibility is one of the primary responsibilities of the board of directors. The RSD Board of Directors in coordination with the RSD Business Department has maintained at least a 5% ending balance in our budget ensuring that the district is fiscally sound. Education finance in Washington State is difficult to understand; by continuing to review all aspects of the budget and staying on top of the latest legislative issues, we as a Board of Directors are able to maintain fiscal responsibility. Please check out the Citizen’s Budget prepared to provide information to the public.

Community Involvement and partnerships are key to help move our district forward. As a board we work closely with both of our communities in the district. As a founding member of the Ambassador program, community members can participate in a 6 week program to learn more in depth knowledge about how the school district operates. This provides us with “feet on the street” knowledgeable community members as well as potential future school board directors.

Communication in all areas is an important issue as well as a challenge for a school district. With the prevalence of social media upon us; we must be diligent in our reaching our constituents.  It has been one of my personal goals to help the board and school community improve upon all areas of communication. I strongly encouraged and supported the use of electronic e-newsletters in order to facilitate communications more frequently than monthly newsletters and often provide feedback on the various district websites. I continue to provide input into all aspects of communication across the district.

Technology plays an integral part in all aspects of a school community. Our technology levy is highly supported in our communities. We have a top notch technology department and with the implementation of Office 365 we are on the leading edge of districts in the nation. I continue to look for ways to help the district improve the integration of technology and learning.